What Does It Mean To Have A Career?

Career Opportunities

Easthampton, MA

There are a number of answers to this question depending on who you are and what you seek. At MBK, we have worked collaboratively with our staff to understand what’s important to them … and to you. We bring our staff into the conversation about what a career path at MBK looks like, and with their input, we’ve developed tools and systems that will help you know what each step in your career path looks like and what it takes to make the next step.

This is what we offer:

  • A road map: we have created written core competencies for each position within our Firm. You know right away what the rules of the game are.
  • Opportunities to keep learning: you have worked hard to complete your education and get your certifications. That’s the price of admission into the world of public accounting, and you will have continuous opportunities to gain deeper knowledge in the many facets of public accounting. But we know it takes more than mastery of technical skills for you to have a satisfying and successful career. Communication, people skills, project management, practice development and business knowledge are all integral to your success. MBK is committed to providing ongoing and collaborative training in all of these areas.
  • Coaching: lots of CPA firms talk about their mentor programs. We believe ours is effective! We have worked hard to create a program that focuses on mentor and mentee training, so that you learn how to take advantage of a mentor relationship, or be an effective mentor. We provide opportunities for you to connect with your mentor about daily concerns and decisions as well as important benchmarks in your career. We also touch base with you to ensure you and your mentor are a good fit.
  • Meaningful feedback: we work hard to provide timely, helpful feedback – designed to support you as you grow your career. This helps reduce the number of bumps in the road you may encounter, and also ‘clears the path’ for new ideas and opportunities to be developed.
  • The next level: We want ambitious people working at MBK. Your ambition fuels MBK’s success.

Rising Stars:

Each year, our region’s foremost business journal, Business West, celebrates this region’s rising stars in business with its 40 Under Forty gala. We are pleased that MBK can count within its ranks numerous 40 Under Forty recipients.

“MBK offers a very unique opportunity to young professionals. As one of the top regional CPA firms in New England, MBK provides staff with access to high-level resources both internally and externally. As employees, we enjoy working in a highly intellectual and stimulating environment, and can literally step out of our office to run at the local reservoir, bike the mountains, or stop by the local farm cooperative on our way home to get fresh produce, herbs and cut flowers. It’s a great balance!”

-Jennifer Roy

Senior Manager