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Kris believes the key to her success is simple: she loves what she does. Kris thrives under pressure, and she is energized by her work. She is drawn to the challenge of helping clients create strategies to minimize taxes without losing sight of big-picture concerns. Kris is a problem solver who believes there’s a practical solution to every concern, as long as you have realistic expectations and resist looking at every challenge as a major hurdle.

Service Areas

  • Family and Independent Business
  • Management Advisory
  • Taxation

Industry Concentrations

“My passion is for strategy. I love to work with clients and help them develop sound, creative plans for minimizing their taxes.”

-Kris Houghton

Certifications & Memberships


Community Involvement


James W. Barrett, CPA/PFS, MST

Howard L. Cheney, CPA, MST

Rudy M. D’Agostino, CPA

James T. Krupienski, CPA

Kristi A. Reale, CPA, CVA