Lisa White, CPA, of Meyers Brothers Kalicka,P.C., CJ Aberin, CCSP of KBKG and Brandon Val Verde, CEPE of KBKG were recently published in Business West Magazine.

Their article on Green Building Tax breaks offered insight on a pair of tax provisions, Sections §45L and §179D, which made their way into the government’s year-end spending package. These often-overlooked incentives provide a lucrative tax-saving strategy for the real-estate industry.

Not only were the 45L credit and 179D deduction extended through 2020, but the benefits can also be retroactively claimed if missed on prior tax returns. Real-estate developers, builders, and architects that may be unfamiliar with the provisions should take a closer look to avoid a missed opportunity. Read their article on Business West.

Lisa M.White, CPA
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Co-Author: CJ Aberin, CCSP
Principal – Green Building Tax Incentives, KBKG > Full bio

Co-Author: Brandon Val Verde, CEPE
Senior Manager – Green Building Tax Incentives, KBKG > Full bio

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