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Making It In America

At MBK, we don’t just understand American innovation, production and precision manufacturing, we wholeheartedly believe in it and support it.

Canals, Holyoke, MA


The shift to a global economy has been felt most acutely by American manufacturing companies. Increased competition, escalating regulatory and economic demands, free-trade pressure, outsourcing and product liability issues and other concerns are constantly adding to the complexity of operating a manufacturing business. At the same time, manufacturing remains the backbone of the American economy. Partnering with an accounting firm that understands your industry can help you keep up with changes, reduce costs, operate more efficiently, and stay focused on meeting customer demands and staying competitive in ever-changing business conditions.


Audits, reviews and compilations
Employee benefit plan audits
State, local and federal taxation
International/multi-national taxation
Cost segregation studies
Research and development credits
Internal controls testing and evaluation
Inventory management and controls
Inventory capitalization rules
Mergers and acquisitions
Due diligence
Capital financing
Succession and ownership transition planning
Process improvement and cost analysis
Cost management analysis
Cash flow analysis