For an internship that takes place in whole or in part during the duration, the agreements are signed only if the internship has been approved by the student department. If you have completed your contract form, the agreement will be sent to the head of the department/training coordinator, who must approve it; If approved, she and the person you are talking to in the company will receive an email containing a copy of the agreement. If they agree with what it says, they must answer “Approved” and the agreement will be valid. These agreements apply only to current and fully registered students. If you would like to publish an internship offer for students at the Leuven School of Management, please make sure that you follow the following instructions: If you wish to do an internship at UCLouvain, your first step is to find an internship guide that places you in an internship. The traineeship advisor establishes an internship contract signed by UCLouvain, your institution and yourself. Internships in France, Spain and some other European countries are limited to students currently enrolled. If you are admitted to an internship in one of these countries, you may be invited to submit an internship contract or an agreement signed by your institution before the start of your internship. If you need this form, you should contact your school placement team or course office.

Certain types of internships, post-qualification training and other types of temporary work may be eligible for a tier 5 (temporary worker) visa. For more information on finding international internships, visit the UCL Careers Global Internships Programme. An “internship agreement” is likely to be requested for students working in France. Similarly, students who are taking an internship in Spain can apply for a “Convenio de Colaboracion”. In other countries, you have to use the tripartite agreement. This is a three-way agreement between the student, the university and the host company. An internship agreement is a tripartite agreement signed by the student, the university of origin and the host organization, which facilitates a short-term internship. The registration of research certificates requires payment of the registration fee sent through the person who supervises your UCLouvain internship. At UCLouvain, trainees work under the direction of an internship facilitator. Please note that you must be a student who has just been registered for the duration of the internship so that the city can provide an internship contract or agreement. We are not in a position to enter into agreements for students who have already completed their course or who will complete their course during the internship.

Specify the duration of the internship with the cursor on the left side of the Processing Your Internship Contract form: Internship Portal This is a new requirement that all students applying for an internship contract must also submit a completed and signed risk assessment form by the student when signing their contract. No agreement is signed in the absence of a risk assessment form. An internship abroad is a good way to gain professional experience while gaining international experience. This is especially useful if you plan to work abroad or return to your home country after completing your studies. Include the start and end date of the internship (dd/mm/yy) or at least the period chosen in the “Additional Details” field. The convention is typical of internships in France, but some organisations in other European countries may also ask students to enter into a similar agreement or agreement before an internship can begin. Currently, studies abroad can only issue agreements for students who do internships in their home country or remotely. If you arrive at UCLouvain through an international development agreement (an ARES-CCD scholarship) through which you graduate from a southern university, you will not need an internship contract.

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