Valencia`s evaluations after paraphrasation revealed fewer negative feelings than assessments according to the condition of control [t (19) – 3.395, p – 0.003]. The size of the effect is 0.76 (Cohens d for repeated ratios, calculated with pooled averages and standard deviations). What is the impact of paraphrasation on the relationship between the client and the advisor? The encouragement simply encourages the client to keep talking. For an advisor to have more influence on the direction of client advancement, he or she would have to use other techniques. It should also be noted that this study focused exclusively on short-term emotional reactions to paraphrasing in order to obtain a constitutional database illustrating the regulatory impact of this communication technology. Our results suggest that paraphrasing not only affects the immediate emotional value, but that it initiates an initial process of managing negative emotions related to social conflict, which may ultimately lead to the resolution of these emotions. However, since we have not assessed the longitudinal measures related to emotions related to the social conflicts in question, this conclusion must remain speculative until it is supported by further research. very useful, indeed, to make the client more open and explore the problems more in depth In addition, many people have this idea that paraphrasing it only put the other person`s ideas in a different way. However, an effective paraphrasing comes from an attitude, the desire to know what the other person means. Therefore, it is important to communicate the meaning that their words give you multiplexes, including planar games and suspension games. (A) Planare Arrays (B) Suspension Assay. Both trials extracted the serum sample from the blood as a starting point.

(adapted and reproduced by [1], with the permission of WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH – Co). One of the possible deficiencies of this study is the nature of the control condition of taking notes in silence. It could be argued that the differences found, since only the experimental condition included language, could be due to a general effect of speech and not to an isolated effect of empathetic paraphrasation. It should be noted, however, that in a situation of social conflict, the content of a response to emotional descriptions can never be perceived as completely neutral and that each control condition involving language has its own emotional effects, for example. B, irritation, even anger, caused by uninteresting verbal comments from the interviewer after the emotional disclosure of the participants. This control condition was deliberately chosen to provide a neutral basis against which the effects of empathetic paraphrasing can be tested before moving on to further comparisons. This goal is achieved by repeating the client parts of their history by the assistant/adviser. It`s known as paraphrase. 7.3: Checking the accuracy of the reformulated statement with The Client Hello Antoinette friend and advice and advice need help for this issue With examples of reliability, the following concepts explain how used in communication with customers.

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