The recent pandemic and community unrest driven by social injustice have pushed important conversations about values and core beliefs to center stage.  Many people, organizations, and businesses are taking the time to reflect on their own core beliefs and questioning how they can do more to embody them.  

Drive. Depth. Experience. People.  Culture.  Community. Service.
Our core values, which stem for decades and were recently refocused in 2019, drive our company culture and make a direct impact on our employees, clients and community.  We don’t simply strive for good company culture, we aim to set the bar for organizational culture and commitment to community, one employee at a time.  

Our mission is to provide knowledge and resources to our clients, colleagues and community that enable them to grow and thrive in Western Massachusetts.  Everything that we do is rooted in supporting growth for all people and all communities.  We provide equal opportunities to our employees and invest in their personal and professional growth.  That investment is driven by our desire for inclusivity, diversity, performance, and longevity.  We have a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination, bigotry, racism, sexual harassment, or any other negative behavior that violates our core values.  These negative behaviors have no place in our organization.  We always have and always will denounce discrimination of any kind.  

While MBK remains committed to growth for our employees, for our clients and for our community; we recognize that there is always room to do more.  We will continue to do great work for our clients, encourage and sponsor volunteerism in our community,  invest equally in the development of our staff, reinvest time and money into our community, be a resource for our clients and non-clients, be inclusive, embrace diversity, listen to our employees’ and community’s stories, and provide ongoing training for our staff.  With this foundation and a room filled with open minds, we know that we can only grow from here.  Our role in the community depends on our ability to be part of that community.  We remain committed to our core values, to our employees, to our clients and to our community.  We demonstrate that commitment by having open discussions with our professionals on how we can better reinforce our core values.  We believe in the power of Western Massachusetts and will remain committed to its’ growth, for all.  

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