During these increasingly difficult times, many people find themselves in a new office at home.  If you are working from home, the expectation is that you are working, from home.  However, if you are not accustomed to this new environment it can be tricky to perform at your fullest potential while also keeping a work-life balance. 

Doing your best work begins with a healthy mind, body and spirit.  To be productive, effective and happy – take a few steps each day to invest in your overall well-being. 


Staying focused and on task is key for productivity.  Keep your mind clear and focused.

  • Take a Break
    Step away from screens occasionally.  Don’t forget to give yourself a few minutes throughout the day to recharge, the same way that you would if you were in the office. 
  • Fully Participate
    Nothing will help you to enjoy your time-off more, then a job well done during your time-on.  Be engaged during meetings.  Put your full workday in.  Remain committed to your mission and vision while working.  Your mind will appreciate the normalcy, you will do better work and you will find it easier to turn in at the end of the day.
  • Schedule Tasks. Set Limits
    Stay organized and on task, by being clear about how you will spend your time.  Schedule appointments with yourself to complete work and keep your appointments.  Limit tasks based on how much time it would normally take to complete them in the office. 


Quarantine life can leave us feeling sluggish.  Stay energized to feel and do your best.

  • Take a Walk
    If you’re taking a 10-minute break, don’t waste it scrolling on your phone.  Go outside and take a walk (with social distancing in mind of course).  The combination of sunlight, fresh air, change of scenery and movement can give you a nice injection of energy to get back at it. 
  • Stand Up
    On a conference call or virtual meeting?  Stand up or even walk/pace during the call.  The walk can increase your focus and get in a little exercise at the same time.
  • Yoga to Increase Focus
    Did you know that certain yoga poses are thought to increase focus and concentration?  Try Yoga in the morning before work, or mid-afternoon to increase your focus and stay active.
    Poses for Focus:  Tree, Eagle, Warrior III, Half Moon, Dancer, Extended Hand to Toe, Side Plank, Crow, Headstand.


Everything changed and feels different; it’s normal to feel uneasy right now.  Acknowledge those emotions and then take some steps to redirect the narrative.

  • Gratitude
    Showing appreciation can help you to feel more positive emotions.  Thank your colleagues when they help you with something.  Take a moment to be grateful for the opportunity to work from home right now.  Studies show that people who feel and express gratitude generally have a greater level of happiness.
  • Go Outside
    During social distancing, you can still leave your home to go for a walk or simply enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch.  Studies have shown that going outside can improve your short-term memory, restore mental energy, relieve stress, improve concentration and increase your creativity. 
  • Stay Connected to Colleagues
    While you can’t swing by a coworker’s office or catch up on family in the social space, you can take a few minutes each day to connect.  Whether it’s a private Facebook group, Teams or group chat – take some time each day to check-in.  Talk. Laugh a little.  Share pics, comments and videos. Motivate each other to do great work together.  Staying connected keeps us together while apart. 

Staying healthy isn’t necessarily about how “big” you go, but rather how consistent you are.  Small actions that are taken consistently add up to big results.  Focus on the three big rocks and the small wins that can be achieved within them to position yourself for a healthy mind, body, and spirit while working from home….and for that matter, working from anywhere. 

This material is generic in nature. Before relying on the material in any important matter, users should note date of publication and carefully evaluate its accuracy, currency, completeness, and relevance for their purposes, and should obtain any appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances.