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At MBK, we are experienced in the unique needs and concerns of nonprofits and dedicated to providing the highest level of knowledge and expertise to your organization.

Canals, Holyoke, MA

Not-For-Profit Services

As a not-for-profit organization, your highest priority is your mission. Your Board of Directors, executive and financial team and staff all work together to ensure that your services and products benefit their intended recipients. This sounds simple but it’s really quite complicated. Not-for-profit organizations have unprecedented regulations and restrictions that now govern how they fund their programs, structure their organizations and execute their missions and strategic plans. Your team needs a CPA firm that knows non-profit organizations inside-out and can serve as a strong technical resource while helping your team maintain its focus on your organization’s mission.

Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C.’s Not-for-Profit division is comprised of almost a dozen CPA professionals dedicated to our non-profit clients. Our team includes experts specific to “Yellow Book,” the Uniform Grant Guidance, Massachusetts UFR and benefit plan audits as well as Form 990 tax filings, exemption qualifications and public charity status. We also are a member of the AICPA Government Audit Quality Center, an affiliation that sets us apart from most of our competition.

Not-for-Profit services

Financial and compliance audits
Audits under “Yellow Book” and the Uniform Grant Guidance, UFR preparation
Form 990 and MA PC tax planning and return preparation, as well as other tax filings
Internal control evaluations
Matters related to bond assurance and financing
GAAP for non-profit contributions, endowment funds, reporting of restricted assets
Organizational structure, governance matters, development and implementation of strategic policies
Implementation and compliance with Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA)
Budgeting and long-term strategic planning
Analysis of different contracts for tax ramifications to not-for-profit organizations
Compensation and benefits analysis to ensure no private enurements
Representation of not-for-profit organizations with IRS audits
Review of revenue sources for unrelated business income
Continuation of exemption qualification and public charity status

“MBK isn’t just the auditing firm for Square One, they’re also an integral partner. After the tornado, MBK did anything and everything to ensure we completed our audit despite the circumstances. We’ve had a tremendous relationship with MBK for more than a decade, due in large part to their shared belief in our mission to impact the lives of thousands of children and families.”

-Joan Kagan

President & CEO, Square One
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